Our Heritage

“Our Heritage”

Following is a copy of the original letter circulated by David Scholes, which resulted in the formation of the Fly Fisher’s Club Of Tasmania

17th August 1955

From time to time over the past few years I have spoken to a number of fly fishermen about the scholes formation of a Fly Fishers’ Club. Enthusiasm toward this proposal has never been greater than at present and I am therefore happy to do what I can now to help establish such a body.

You may not know me, nor have heard of me, but that is the very point. We are a scattered group and apart from our particular friends, we know little of our fellows and their problems, and also their success from which we might learn. There are many things we might do together in such a club, and one of the most important would be to ascertain the majority opinion of FLY fisherman upon any particular point, and also voice such opinion or recommendation through the appropriate channels, as is done elsewhere in Australia and overseas. I do not attempt to set out the aims and functions of this club here, nor any of the suggestions which have already been put to me. These matters must be decided by us all. It is suggested that we meet at the Cornwall Hotel, Cameron Street, Launceston at 7:45 PM on Wednesday the 17th of August, where suitable space has been arranged. At this time we can form a basic and initial committee and briefly discuss a few essential matters. Would you be good enough to return the note below to me as soon as possible.

Should this date be generally unsuitable, another can then be arranged.

I do hope that you will be able to come. Yours faithfully



Dr. A. Pryde (President), Dr. D. McIntyre, Messrs. K. Waterhouse, G. Sherwin, J. Sculthorpe, C. Gibson, M Christensen, R. Clayton, J. Savigny, J. Fysh, J. Waterhouse, G. Hutchinson, D. Scholes, A.F. Brown, S Purves, D Gilmour, B Lytwyche, H. Nicholls, J. Steer, S.V. Tilley, C. Hutchinson, R.F. Tilley, General R.M. Wordsworth, S.L. Napier, R. House and T. Gill.

“Macquarie Action”

Dick Wigram in action.


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